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Welcome to Ecosense Trailer Assist Support

Ecosense Trailer Assist is the self-adjustable roof air deflector for your truck. It will automatically detect the height of the load carrier and adjust the deflector to the optimal position, ensuring minimal fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The system is fully automatic and requires no input from the driver. Ecosense Trailer Assist can help save up to 8 % in fuel costs by ensuring that even with frequent load carrier changes, the roof air deflector is always in an optimal configuration.

Note! Ecosense Trailer Assist is only suitable for trucks where the roof deflector is not prevented by cargo or other objects within the span covered by the full  sweep of the roof air deflector. Failure to adhere to this may result in damage to the Ecosense Trailer Assist system or the truck itself. 

Please ask your reseller/workshop or contact us at if you are not sure if Ecosense Trailer Assist suits your truck.

Supported brands and models

Ecosense Trailer Assist is compatible with both Volvo FH4 and Scania Next Generation.

Use the configurator below to determine which Ecosense article that fits your truck.


Use the form below if you need help with an order or general support. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Installation guide for Volvo

Installation guide for Scania

User’s guide for Volvo and Scania